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The ANACHEM Award was established in 1953 and is presented annually to an outstanding analytical chemist for teaching, research, administration or other activity which has advanced the art and science of the field. The Award was presented as a part of the ANACHEM Conference through 1972. After 1972, the ANACHEM Award has been presented at the National FACSS SciX meeting as a part of a special symposium arranged and given by former students and colleagues honoring the recipient.

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ANACHEM Fellow Award History

The ANACHEM Fellow Award originated in 1971 as a way to show appreciation to a member or members who have provided long and meritorious service to the organization. The normal procedure is for a committee composed of the elected Officers and the Resident Agent to nominate possible candidates. The Board of Directors votes on the choices at a regular Board meeting. The May meeting is set aside for the presentation of the Award.

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ANACHEM Lifetime Service Award

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ANACHEM Student Award

Presented at the ANACHEM / SAS Symposium for Outstanding Papers

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