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Events Archive

November 2nd, 2017: ANACHEM / SAS Symposium


Symposium Description: The 2017 ANACHEM / SAS Symposium will be held on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 at Burton Manor ( in Livonia, MI. The site is easily accessible from interstate highway I-96. A plenary lecture will be given by Dr. Paul S. Cremer, the 2016 recipient of the ANACHEM Award. An award session with invited speakers will be presented in his honor. This year’s symposium will include three oral sessions devoted to research at the academic institutions in our region. Additionally, two oral sessions for “industrial research” will be included as an integral part of the symposium; the sessions are described in more detail below. An instrument exhibit, a poster session, and two educational workshops are also important parts of this annual symposium on chemical analysis. A preliminary outline is included below. Register online in advance for a discounted rate.