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2022 ANACHEM Workshops

Morning Workshop: Polymer Size-Exclusion Chromatography Introduction, Advancements, and Processing Data

Bryan Katzenmeyer, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Materials Science

Don Trinite
Senior Principal Technical Support Specialist

Who Should Attend
Anyone working with polymer SEC or those who want to learn more about SEC and how it can be applied to analyzing polymers.

Polymer analysis is becoming ever more complex and important in product design and upholding safety standards across a wide range of industries. Analysis of polymeric materials has never been more key to meeting both your supply chain and customer requirements. Moreover, today’s polymer manufacturers operate within an increasingly dynamic market that is fueled by intense competition for materials that are lighter, stronger, higher-performing, and more sustainable than the last. By leveraging the latest analytical technologies, organizations can gain a competitive advantage and accelerate their materials innovation to enhance productivity, improve processing, and meet sustainability goals. This workshop is intended to provide overview of polymer SEC for novice to more advance users, cover advancements from traditional SEC to a modern-day solution called ACQUITYTM Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APCTM), and review practical tips and tricks with EmpowerTM software for polymer SEC data processing.

Afternoon Workshop: Addressing Chemical Diversity: An Introduction to Polymer Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Bryan Katzenmeyer, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Materials Science

Who Should Attend
Scientists and chemists who have an interest in structural characterization of polymers by mass spectrometry, and who want to learn more about this analytical technique.

Polymers and materials are a demanding application area due to their inherent complexity. Encompassing a vast of number monomers leading to wide variety architectures, end-group functionalities, molecular weights, polymers can be synthesized to ultimately serve specific end-use applications. This workshop will cover several aspects of mass spectrometry and how these tools can be utilized to help researchers and scientists address the chemical diversity with polymers and materials. These aspects include how ion mobility can simplify complexity by providing an additional orthogonal separation beyond chromatography and mass resolution, high-resolution mass spectrometry for structure elucidation and identifying unknowns, informatic workflows and libraries, trace quantitation, and ionization sources.

Presenter Bios

Presenter: Bryan Katzenmeyer, Ph.D.
Senior Manager, Materials Science, Waters Corporation

Bryan Katzenmeyer has 15 years of experience specializing in mass spectrometry and separation techniques for the characterization of materials, polymers, monomers, and small molecules at various industrial and academic institutions. He has been part of Waters for six years and currently oversees the Americas Materials Science business segment for Waters Corporation which focuses on polymers, fine and specialty chemicals, extractables/leachables, medical device testing, cosmetics and personal care products, fuel/energy, and agrochemicals.

Presenter: Don Trinite
Senior Principal Technical Support Specialist, Waters Corporation

Don Trinite has been working at Waters Corporation for 35 years. Don is a Senior Principal Technical Support Specialist for Waters Technologies Corporation for the last twenty-nine years.  He is involved in developing seminars for training users in methods development and methods transfer and troubleshooting for HPLC, UPLC, IC, GPC, Prep LC and UPC2.