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2019 ANACHEM / SAS Symposium Workshops

Morning Workshop: Optimizing Important GC and GC/MS Parameters

Daron Decker, Agilent Technologies

The morning presentations will look at 4 major areas in GC and GC/MS method development for optimum results. Choosing the carrier gas type and velocity will be discussed. Injection parameters will be explored for Split and Splitless sample introduction. Selecting the GC column stationary phase and dimensions can be critical to optimum results. Lastly the reasons for choosing the oven temperature programs will be discussed.

Afternoon Workshop: Maintaining and Troubleshooting GC and GC/MS Systems

Dale Walker, Agilent Technologies

Two of the worst words you can put together for most chromatographers is Down Time. One of the biggest issues specific to Gas Chromatography is the fact that there are more things that don’t go through a GC than do. These non-volatile residues or contaminations accumulate in the injection port and on the head of the GC column. Therefore, routine maintenance and cleaning of the injection port and column must be performed. Knowing how to diagnose problems and correct them is not generally taught before the analyst ever gets in front of the instrument. Experience, trial and error, and dumb luck often lead to remedies that have a lot of “voo doo” attached to them. The afternoon presentations will focus on the major items that need to be replaced or cleaned as well as the tips and tricks to maintaining and troubleshooting your GC and GC/MS systems.

Presenter Bios
Daron Decker has been a Chromatography Technical Specialist for the past 19 years for the Chemistries and Supplies Division at Agilent Technologies. Prior to that Daron worked for nearly a decade for J&W Scientific working in technical support and applications. Daron started his career at an environmental lab in south central Minnesota (MVTL) and worked there for two and half years as an analytical chemist.  He received his BS in Chemistry (ACS Degree) from the University of South Dakota in 1987.  Daron has given hundreds of seminars, courses and technical papers on GC at both domestic and international conferences. In May 2003, Daron was awarded the Palmer Award. This prestigious award is given to those whose professional as well as scientific accomplishments have fostered progress in chromatography. The Palmer award was established in 1980 and is historically tied to the pioneering work of Dr. Leroy Palmer.

Dale Walker is a Senior Applications Engineer with Agilent Technologies where he has worked to improve methods and techniques for the challenging analyses of semivolatiles, volatiles, pesticides, dioxins, and PCBs including updates to the methodology for the newest instrumentation.