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Events Archive

September 23, 2015: Agilent LC and GC Workshops


University of Detroit Mercy
Room CF138, Commerce and Finance Building (Just North of Chemistry Building)
4001 W. McNichols Rd.
Detroit, MI 48221

5:00 pm: Reception, Pizza is provided by Agilent!
5:30 pm: Workshop Presentations

LC Workshop: The One-Minute Chromatographer
Presenter: Carl Griffin

The current demanding laboratory environment is requiring
everyone to produce more, faster with fewer resources. UHPLC instrumentation and column chemistries are one tool that the chromatographer can utilize to meet needs, however UHPLC does have some drawbacks. Not all laboratories can be equipped with expensive UHPLC instrumentation and in some applications, UHPLC column clogging is an often cited issue. Perhaps most important, many chromatographers work with partners that do not have access to UHPLC and thus need to convert UHPLC methods to HPLC while still maintaining required resolution and speed. Poroshell, Agilent Technologies proprietary superficially porous column technology can solve these issues. Poroshell technology provides a cost effective alternative tool enabling rapid chromatography on HPLC instrumentation. We will discuss how Agilent’s patented production process provides multiple column chemistries that provide lot-to-lot reproducibility and robustness. Examples of conversion from UHPLC to Poroshell HPLC to allow your partner laboratories the ability to perform required analyses on existing HPLC instrumentation will be highlighted.

GC Workshop: Faster Gas Chromatography
Presenter: Eric Pavlich

We will look at what can be achieved when exploring different carrier gases and high efficiency columns. Carrier gas modifications and column dimensions are easy ways to save time and even money in increasing our laboratory throughput. Using different tools available to us, we can modify our methods quickly and feel confident in achieving the same high quality of chromatography we are used to. We will discuss the pros and cons of modifications and even look at some new supplies such as the Self-Tightening Column Nut and Pre-Swaging tools, which can make our lives a little bit easier.

A campus map with parking and building locations is available at Please note the building location (Commerce and Finance is just north of the Chemistry Building).

This event is free! All are welcome at attend!